Meet Ananda

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Wanna know who I am?

Allow me to paint a portrait for you. A portrait of my heart painted with words. A portrait that is flawed and wild and beautiful and free. . .  I’ll begin as most great stories do.

Once Upon A Time. . .

There was me. An overwhelmed, undervalued, caged creature yearning to be set free. Trapped in the box of being defined by my relationships and my obligations, I became the epitome of everything I never wanted to be. Years of self deprivation eventually lead to depression. Deeper. . . deeper. . . and deeper I fell. In a zombie like state, I was alive, yet I wasn’t living. Then one (very random) day, I stepped out of the shower and took a looong look in the mirror. . .

I stood there staring into the eyes of a woman I’d known my entire life, into the eyes of woman who was distorted by circumstance. I stood there staring into the eyes of a stranger. Only this stranger knew me all too well. Yet, I despised her.

I wondered how I’d come to hate her so much. I wondered why the sight of her made me cringe. This woman. The woman who danced with my shadows, who’d once shown me her beautiful face and made me promises of sweet milk and honey. The longer I gazed into her eyes, I began to see that she was a mere reflection of my most inner yearnings. A reflection of my hopes and dreams. She was everything that I secretly desired to be.

A single salty tear escaped my eye in spite of my resistance. Taking a deep breath, I leaned in and met her lips with a kiss. As I exhaled, my breath fogged the glass creating a transparent veil between her and I. In the fog, I traced the words, ‘I Love You’. I instantly felt as if a ton of bricks had been lifted from my chest. My heart felt lighter. When the fog finally cleared from the mirror, I stared into her eyes once more. Only this time, the woman looked completely different to me. Not because she was different, but because I chose to see her differently. It was in this pivotal moment that I learned one of life’s biggest lessons… sometimes all it takes is a choice.

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I made a choice. I chose myself. I read countless books, bought numerous programs, went to seminars and workshops. I affirmed. I prayed. I meditated. I sat still. I went inward. . . went deeper.

Through the precious process of choosing, learning and growing,  I released every preconceived notion that I was not enough and embraced the wholeness of me. I gained the tools, wisdom and insight that sent me on a fast track to better health, greater joy and a deeper sense of purpose.

I consider myself a trailblazer for those who are searching… yearning… thirsting for more. Life is beautiful and it can be filled with more joy and passion than you could ever imagine.

Allow me take you deeper…

You Deserve it.